Our retail ERP helps businesses with marketing and loyalty, store operation management, customer relationship management, and business intelligence and analytics.

Our solutions can be customized to specific needs, challenges, and business goals. It also includes enterprise planning and analysis to procurement through warehousing and beyond. We are the trusted partners for every step of a retailer’s business cycle.

Our retail ERP solutions/products help with better customer engagement – first, with mobility and then our inventory management helps in optimizing the purchase and dispensing traffic.

Pain Areas

  • Optimization of the collected user data.
  • Problems related to budget and time management.
  • Ineffective management of multiple branches & stores.
  • Tracking the overall performance.
  • Store Cluttering.
  • Merchandising Assortment optimization.
  • Sales forecast.
  • Pricing Analysis.
  • Work force analysis.
  • Fraud detection and loss.
  • Deficiency in the process for management of requirements.
  • Unclear view of customization/configuration and upgrades.
  • Poor communication affects business efficiency.
  • Manual data entry and repetitive tasks are time consuming.
  • Business procedures get unnecessarily complicated by the use of different software packages by different departments such as sales team, accounting team and warehouse team.
  • Less awareness of the details of each and every customer due to manual work and slow access to information.
  • Delay in decision making and problem solving due to lack of fast access to customer track record.


Better interaction among different departments:
  • Unites all business functions in an automotive manner.
  • No delay in sending key information to respective customers.
  • Fulfills orders from customers more easily and efficiently
ERP software automates all manual tasks morte effectively:
  • Reduction in paperwork.
  • Better results in account management, inventory management, sales reporting and business analytics.
Centralization of information:
  • All information is entered into a single database.
  • All departments can access the latest data as and when required.
  • The need for software upgrades is minimized.
Better access to customer track record:
  • A single database allows departmental staff to track the particular customer and integrate the solutions.
  • Opens up opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.
  • Enhances profitability by assuring better customer service.
Enables better business decisions:
  • Allows target marketing by analyzing the customer’s purchasing behavior.
  • Enables to gain up-to-the minute stock level information.
  • Aids accurate delivery at the right time.