The solutions helps you in Attendee Management, Badge Management, Catering Management, Client / Customer Management, organizing Conferences / Seminars, Conventions.

You can also Exhibit / Vendor Management, Guest List Management, Lead Retrieval, Manage Meetings, Registration Management, Room Block Management, Achieve Social Promotions, Space / Room Setup, Sponsorship Management, Surveys & Feedback, Ticketing, Trade Shows, Travel Management, Weddings / Parties

Pain Areas

  • Registration of attendees for an event.
  • Selling tickets at a global level.
  • Payment process with respect to security & accountability.
  • Timely notification of event schedule to the attendees.
  • Integration and management of all core operations.
  • Performance of staff and budget management.
  • Report analysis of the event and related developments.


  • Dynamic, time saving and easy way of online registration of attendees at a international level.
  • Providing a secure, efficient, automated and streamlined payment process.
  • Allocating and scheduling of resources with ERP software.
  • A single easy-to-access database that unifies all the information and provides easy access to all authorized departments.
  • Storing complete history of events and initiating online ticket selling at a global level.
  • Conducting surveys and getting feedbacks from the attendees in an automotive manner.
  • Conducting surveys and getting feedbacks from the attendees in an automotive manner.
  • Enhancing the experience of attendees with complete follow-up and excellent customer services.
  • Allowing customization for both the management team and attendees.
  • Streamlining the workflow of staff and maximizing the performance by helping them in budget management and time management in a better manner.
  • Quick and easy registration for attendees.
  • Logical registration forms.
  • Elimination of manual data entry.
  • Manageable information, better data integrity.
  • Automatic confirmation.
  • Secure, real time payment.
  • Managing Capacity.
  • Real Time Reports- Tracking Attendees and Revenues.
  • Lower Materials Costs, Lower Labor Costs.