Best Software solutions, which are complete experiences that give your online visitors an accurate sense of your facilities and features. They are created from real passion and accurate data about your customers, and you can embed the walkthroughs in a website just like photos and videos.

Getting started is easy!

We make it ultra-easy to Satisfy your internal and external customers.

As simple as Click to Pay

Consumer Bill payment made incredibly easy. You can engage in Bill enquiry or Bill payment or Bill History with a simple to use, with a push of a button.

All-in-one solution

With one stake of solutions to the Internal and external consumers the All in solution stake has been immense value.

Pain Areas

  • Transforming utility network
  • Enhancing customer operations
  • Improving generation & monitoring performances
  • Maintaining operational excellence
  • Industrial administration of energy and utilities faces modern challenges and issues.
  • Human resource management gets complicated as the strength of the organization grows.
  • Account and finance management need proper upgrades.
  • Customer resolution in terms of billing enquiry.
  • Customer service gets delayed because of slow access to billing history of users.
  • Company revenue gets affected due to lack of co-ordination of different departments in terms of automation.


  • Monitor and Capture Usage
  • Educate the Customer Base
  • Stimulate Resourcefulness
Automating customer feedback management program:
  • Gather, analyze and act on customer feedback consistently.
  • Understand the root cause behind a customer’s positive or negative feedback.
  • Meet regulatory requirements for complaint and feedback management.
Billing process automation:
  • Billing payment,billing enquiry and billing history get automated in a single database.
  • Easily access to customers over the internet through cloud computing software.
Customer data get automated and efficient service:
  • Servicing team can get into the billing history of customer from a single database.
  • Assurance of proper service to each and every customer .
Digital billing and payment:
  • Customers can easily access billing details and make payments over the internet.
Automative account and finance management:
  • Everything related to accounts of the organization can be updated automatically.
Employee management automation:
  • Employee details can be automated in a single database which include personal data,working days,performance and salary details.
  • Easy analysis of the individual and overall performance of the employee.


  • Improving customer insight and involvement - better and easier billing , energy usage review.
  • Giving customers more control – increase in the granularity of time-based usage and option for customers to optimise themselves.
  • Increasing consumer expectations and concerns.


  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Reduced energy losses
  • Better metering
  • Reliable networks
  • Healthier infrastructure


  • Energy Audit
  • Billing & Payment through web self care
  • Data Analysis
  • Consumer Mobile App